IQ bot enhances cognitive automation technologies

There’s no doubt that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is here to stay. It is leading to the increase of a global digital workforce in every industry. However, traditional automation is not yet 100 percent capable of accessing all company data and information. Much of this information is stored in old-fashioned formats, so human intervention is necessary to make sense of this ‘ dark data ’ and then feed it into a RPA workflow.

Upskilling is future of IT-BPM industry

A 2018 NASSCOM Report said that India’s IT-BPM industry recently generated revenues of $167 billion and employed more than 4 million people. What this inevitably leads to is more jobs within the Indian IT-BPM industry where there is a continuous need for employing people with greater skills to meet ever-changing industry needs. Recent NASSCOM estimates have pinned at least 100,000 new jobs that were thus created in 2017-18.

Rise of the Internet Economy in India – Trends Shaping Digital India

The rise of the Internet in the last decade has brought about new business models and market segments that have revolutionized the way in which companies operate today. The nation’s digital economy is poised to undergo explosive growth due to the proliferation of devices, and the Internet economy is predicted to touch the $266 billion mark in 2020, accounting for nearly seven per cent of the country’s GDP.

Going Digital for a Cleaner and Greener Future

Bosch addressed this challenge by retrofitting its energy efficiency solution with minimum disruption, mainly during the regular maintenance shutdowns. The result of the energy efficiency solution is an encouraging 14 percent reduction in the plant’s energy consumption. Production staff at the plant are also trained to optimally use the systems, thus making it self-sufficient and serving as an example for other dairy plants to draw inspiration from.

Powering the Way Into Hearts and Homes

Buddhasen Vishwakarma’s story perfectly encapsulates the transformation that Bosch is driving. A carpenter by profession since the age of 14, Buddhasen is also driven by an unquenchable desire to follow his artistic pursuits and build something creative with his hands. In his free time, he makes designs and sculptures and has become a celebrity in his village of Baikunthpur, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh for gifting Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, a handmade wooden motorcycle.

Transforming India's Mobility Landscape

Such a future is already in the making thanks to recent government policies regarding BS-VI emission norms and policies encouraging electric vehicles. Over the next decade, the Indian automotive industry will change completely to impact manufacturers across the value chain. This will see new players enter the market, new service-based business models transform the industry and it will change the very way in which India travels.